Compress/Resize Image flow function error

The Compress/Resize Image flow function always gives me an “Unknown error” when trying to compress any image I pick from the Pick Files file picker function, or the Pick Image from Library function. All I am inputting to it is the Path value that outputs from the Picker function. Has anyone got this to work?

I really need this to work if someone can help. Thanks


Thanks for reaching out, we noticed that there is a bug related to file paths on Android devices, I forwarded the issue to the developers, so it should be fixed soon. Meanwhile you can continue building the app without compression or use iOS device for testing, as the compression should work on iOS devices.

If you are already using iOS device, please let us know, since then there might be something else broken.

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Yes Im testing on Android. I would like to be notified when this is fixed please. Thank you!

It does work with images output from Take Photo. But not anything else. I also noticed a the default compression quality value. That value should be between 0 - 100
Not 0 - 1. The default setting of 1 produced the lowest quality image possible.

@JOHN_WORSHAM just letting you know that this fix is likely to need a new build for AppGyver app which means it’ll take longer than just fixing the Flow function. We’ll let you know when the fix is available. It’s now in the backlog, but cannot promise when exactly it’ll be implemented.

And thanks for pointing out the issue with compression quality value, we’ll fix that too.

I can live with it only compressing photos for now since those things especially can be very large. Thanks for replying

I don’t think this ever got fixed. Still throws an error when trying to Resize/Compress images from either File Picker or Image Library. Photos still compress Ok.

Nevermind this works.

Hi @JOHN_WORSHAM, I seem to be experiencing the same problem you did - the compress/resize flow function keeps throwing me an error only for the pick image from library. Could I ask how you got yours to work?

I didnt actually do anything. I didnt check it on iOS though.