Compress / Resize Image

Hello can anyone help me I´d like to compress images that my app users share because some images are like 10mb so I´d like to compress them but I´m using pick files to pick the images from the library (the backend is firebase)
Can anyone help me configuring it?

Are your images always very large, 10MB per image? If so, it is better to install the free software for Windows or Mac from here: Caesium - Image Compressor and click on download, but not on “DOWNLOAD”, but on “DIRECT MIRROR” (the software is called Caesium, I have been using it to optimize my images with a density of 300 dpi for Flutter, Android Studio and AppGyver). It also optimizes for PNG, but where all the potential is and it is drastically seen almost 90% without losing quality is in the JPG, GIF, WebP format. It is super fast when compressing images in batches and it is unlimited.

Now, in the case that you don’t want to install anything, there is also a web version and here is the link:

Here are the restrictions of the web version:

JPG, PNG, GIF and WebP formats are accepted.
Maximum 5 files at the same time.
Maximum 10 MB per file.
Uploaded images are automatically deleted.
On the other hand, in the desktop version it is unlimited in everything.

There is also one more trick: after compressing your images, you can host them privately on the official Telegram website without worrying about hosting in the following way:

Step 1: You have the compressed images.

Step 2: You open the Telegra site called

Step 3: You give a name to the title and a subname and then upload the images (it is important to keep in mind that after filling each page, you can open as many Telegra blocks as you need, it is useful to call the images with any server such as Firebase, Supabase, Baserow, etc.)

Step 3: After uploading them, you save (published) and right click and look for open image or copy the URL of the images and paste it in Firebase, so the call is smaller and it takes less capacity load from Firebase.

IMPORTANT: No image that you upload will ever be reflected in the Google search engine or in the results, the owners of Telegra are the same owners of the Telegram network, that means that for them to see your image or block, you must share the link, but the good thing is that when you share the link of a single image, that image is encrypted and people will not know from which block it came out. Only that, in this example, if I am going to share the links both of the block and of the two example images.


Image 1:

Image 2:

Thank you
No, maybe 2 photos out of 10 are between 9 or 10mb but I was talking about the function compress / resize image from appgyver

Perfect. When translating the website, I misunderstood your question. I thought you were creating an image library and was only explaining optimization, not compression function. Regards.

Yeah, May you know hot to set it up?

Use the “Resize/compress image” flow function, it’s available in the marketplace. Call it after the UPLOAD IMAGE flow function.

Thank you but I’m using pick files (images only) do you think is it possible?

Yeah, you just need to pass the IMAGE URL to the flow function.

I tried to but it doesnt preview before posting and the inage doesnt upload to firebase (storage) when I set the compress function

The Resize function changes returns a new image path, you need to address to that new path, I’m using the (Move/rename file/directory) flow function after resizing.
Here’s what I’m doing:

First: Pick Image from library (works the same if using Take a Photo)
Second: The resize function, here I’m using the follow formula:

Then I move the new compressed image to a new path with the following source and target paths:

And finally I save the new path into a variable (which later I pass to my local storage):