Conditional Color of Background

I want to change the color of the background of a paragraph when touched. Can someone help me figure out how to do it? I’ve been trying multiple different commands and I’m getting nowhere.

So basically, I want to use color to show the user that the item was previously touched. Either the text can change color or the paragraph background.


Create a Page Variable (say PAGE_Color)

Then on the Paragraph Tap Event set the Page Variable color:

Bind the Paragraph Style Background property to your Page Variable:

Thank you again.
I had some success using this: IF(appVars.TEST, “#AF2201”, “#000000”) and then setting the variable to True

One additional question. I’m using a paragraph displaying a name to add to a counter. Press it and it adds 1 to the total. How do I make it invisible or not be able to add one to the total after it is pressed once. I basically don’t want the user to mistakenly add to the counter once they have already pressed that text.

Create a true/false page variable , then on the Paragraph Tap Event set that variable = false. Then bind that variable to the Paragraph’s Visible property. But make sure you initialize that variable = true on Page Focus event or it wont display initially.

Thank you for the help!