Conditional date check

I’m new to AppGyver and am getting acquainted with the functionality. I have created a db containing student class records that define classes including the date when the next class is due for certification. Is there a way to read this date and send a text, email (or create some type of alert on the app) when that date is ‘x’ number days away? Example: a record in the db for Class 1 has a ‘next certification due date’ of 04/30/21. When the current date is ten days from that (i.e. 04/20/21), I’d like to generate a text or an email (or generate some type of alert on the app) to warn the student that he/she needs to take action to recertify the class/course.

Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Hi Tony, welcome to the community! Check out the DATETIME_DIFFERENCE flow function (docs).

Hi Mari … thank you for the reply. I will check out the doc.

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