Confused by the IF logic flow


Is there somewhere for me to see how the IF logic flow works?

I want to launch the maps app when a button is clicked but need to identify the OS first (as iOS and Android have different commands).

So looking at the best way to do this.

Thanks in advance, Paul.

Here is a way i use that:

Thanks John,

I was confused about how to get the If Condition (in your example systemvars.os==ios") into the flow.

By clicking everything I found the icon under the condition was clickable (I should have tried that as they always are, Doh).

Screenshot from 2020-07-13 21-31-03

Yes, so it turns out I actually did the exact same thing you wanted, opening up a map for android or ios. Glad to have helped!

Hey guys, I got this far as well but when I try to create the condition details, I dont seem to have that as an option. When I click the icon it shows me the following box which allows me to select true/false but nothing else. No where to actually type in the condition details. What am I missing here?

Select Formula and this is where you type your condition.

Got it. (duh) Thanks @Greg_F

Hi Greg, Joel.

I used the formula option in your screenshot, is that available?

I haven’t tested this fully but you will only be able to choose bindings that provide a true/false response where given the option

I added the following formula - systemVars.os == “ios” - which gave me the option to progress with a true or false branch (i.e. it is or is not running on ios).

This is in the logic attached to a button.

What is it you are trying to do and from what as that may affect the options you have?