Confused by the IF logic flow


Is there somewhere for me to see how the IF logic flow works?

I want to launch the maps app when a button is clicked but need to identify the OS first (as iOS and Android have different commands).

So looking at the best way to do this.

Thanks in advance, Paul.

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Here is a way i use that:

Thanks John,

I was confused about how to get the If Condition (in your example systemvars.os==ios") into the flow.

By clicking everything I found the icon under the condition was clickable (I should have tried that as they always are, Doh).

Screenshot from 2020-07-13 21-31-03

Yes, so it turns out I actually did the exact same thing you wanted, opening up a map for android or ios. Glad to have helped!

Hey guys, I got this far as well but when I try to create the condition details, I dont seem to have that as an option. When I click the icon it shows me the following box which allows me to select true/false but nothing else. No where to actually type in the condition details. What am I missing here?

Select Formula and this is where you type your condition.

Got it. (duh) Thanks @Greg_F

Hi Greg, Joel.

I used the formula option in your screenshot, is that available?

I haven’t tested this fully but you will only be able to choose bindings that provide a true/false response where given the option

I added the following formula - systemVars.os == “ios” - which gave me the option to progress with a true or false branch (i.e. it is or is not running on ios).

This is in the logic attached to a button.

What is it you are trying to do and from what as that may affect the options you have?


Hello Guys,

I’m having a similar issue, when i set the formula “IF(data.os_id.situacao==“Não iniciada”, true, false)” im only getting a false response even if the “data.os_id.situacao” is “Não iniciada” what do i do in this case?

I’m pretty sure that some valors are “Não iniciada” because it shows on the screen, but even then i always get a false output.