Confusion regarding lists and list of lists from airtable to appgyver


I have my tables setup in airtable on one to many relationship basis. The API of each table returns the foreign key as a list of values in spite of having only one id in the many table. This is not a big problem as I started using [0] in my formulas to refer to the first and only record in that list.

Now I am making a dropdown and I am unable to wrap my head around how to make this work.

The example response of the List record is as below.

What I want to do is have a drop-down with this list (name of table - orderlineitems) , show field ‘fields.Designs’ in the label part, and store field ‘id’ in the value part. if I use the following MAP formula, my dropdown has only 1 value repeated several times which I guess is because [0] is hardcoded and it results in the same value being returned.

MAP(data.orderLineItems,{label:data.orderLineItems[0].fields.Design[0], value:data.orderLineItems[0].id})

Any ideas on what I am doing wrong or what would be a better way to achieve what I am trying to do? As a secondary question, my next step would be to filter this list in the dropdown on the basis of field.Mounting_Num. I want my dropdown to show only those records which do not have a Mounting_Num associated with it. (Mounting_Num is a foreign key of another table)

Thanks for reading


“records”: [
“id”: “recJ7w8yhIQiVCimR”,
“createdTime”: “2022-06-03T10:30:05.000Z”,
“fields”: {
“CM2”: 300,
“Order_Size”: “200 X 300”,
“Order_Item_Line_Number”: 8,
“CM1”: 200,
“Status”: “ON LOOM”,
“Fringes”: “SHORT COLORED”,
“Finishing”: “ANTIQUE”,
“Order_ID”: [
“Design_ID”: [
“Quality”: [
“Mounting_Num”: [
“Order_Number”: [
“Design”: [