Connect sqlite database to links in app

Good day to everyone,

I am building a bible app in my native language using AppGyver.

I have the entire bible in SQLite and I want to know how do I connect this offline database to my app? How do I link the buttons/links I created to the database so it can display in the app?

For example if I click on the link that says Genesis that it retrieves the data from the database and displays all the chapters and when I click one of the chapters that it displays the verses. I also want it to be able to search the entire database for specific words etc.

I hope its possible

Hi, i think sql works with api, so first you will need to connect the api, take a look here

and then you need to get a one document based on the document id, but after making the api connection, i can help more

Ok, thnks. I will look at the video.

Another question, will the people that use the app be able to access the data from the sql database offline on their mobile devices?

to do that, you need to store the data to an ondevice storage, once you get the data after the app is launched