Connect to DB (newbie question)

Hi Appgyvers,

I’m completely new to API-stuff and I simply can’t get my Ninox database connected to AppGyver.

Can anyone please have a look at the screendumps below and give me a hint towards getting it right?

Thanks a billion! :blush:

I believe your auth header should be…

Key: Authorization
Value: Bearer c0da1580-1a26-11ec-ba4d-f9d8817e4f95

and of course replace that api key with your own :slight_smile:

Let me know if that works for you!


WOW! That did the job! :clap: Connected!

Only, I still get this error:

What does the response look like? If you have for example

{"status": "OK", "data": [{id : 1 }]}

you need to put data in the “Response key path” field, because that’s where the collection is located. :slight_smile:

Hmm … yes I see. But no matter what I type into the Response key path, I seem to get the same error message. This is what the response looks like:

Hi, the response is an object, so use “Get record” instead for this one.

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That worked! Thank you @Mari :pray:

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