Connecting AppGyver to SAP BTP services

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Could you please tell the recommended way to connect AppGyver to standard services available on SAP BTP (example SAP Business Rules service) without facing CORS issues?
Is there a need to use SAP integration suite or an application router (with destinations configured) to achieve this or is there a better way?

This information will be very helpful to leverage the rich UI tools provided by AppGyver and the powerful SAP BTP services.

It would also be great if you could tell a recommended way to connect AppGyver to SAP backend systems (like S4HANA).

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This matter is quite extensively discussed here: How to Solve CORS Issues with SAP API Management

There’s also this blog post describing S4 connectivity specifically AppGyver iOS App built on S4 Live Replicated Data in HANA Cloud (OData service) | SAP Blogs
In the article I believe they use BAS to overcome CORS, which is also a working method.


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How to overcome CORS error while connecting SAP AppGyver to SAP Business Technology Platform or SAP S/4HANA – Application Router approach

Here is my blog on how I solved the CORS error using AppRouter.
Hope it helps someone.