Connecting multiple data sets

I’m building an app where I can keep track of my students and what equipment I have lent them. I have a student page which shows me all the information about a single student. I want to include a list of the equipment they have on that page, but I’m not sure how to go about it. I have two data sources - one with the students and one with the equipment.

What’s the correct way of linking these up to each other? I.e. that the Trumpet is lent out to Shelly, and the Flute to Tom. I’m thinking the equipment data should contain a reference to which student has it? Or should I have a list of equipment in the students data source? Should that be an object with the same schema as the equipment, or an id? How would I populate a list on the student page with all the equipment they’ve borrowed then?

Maybe I’m thinking about it the wrong way around. I’ve been trying to wrap my brain around how this should be implemented, so any advice or best practices for this kind of stuff would be appreciated!

In your student table you have a field: material loaned.
Which refers to the table materials.
In your table material, you can put a bolean field : loaned = true or false.