Connecting to API (Absolute beginner)

Hi Everyone!

I am trying to connect to an API which connects to a CMS to extract some image data from.

Info from the API source:

Can someone help me fill in the required fields in AppGuyver (Data)?

I know i have to authenticate and i can generate a key.

And i have been trying to set the fields but keep getting errors like this:

Error: TypeError: Failed to execute ‘fetch’ on ‘Window’: Invalid namestatus: -1

Resource settings for Get collection (GET)

Resource URL:
Relative path:

Thanks in advance!



Looking at the documentation, here’s the configurations you should add for your REST API data configurator:

Resource url:

Query parameters:
api_key (set your key as the value)

HTTP Header
Content-Type (set application/json as the value)

Make sure there are no typos, and let me know if you already tried this or it’s not working :slight_smile: