Contact form and newsletter


If someone can help me and give an advice. I would like to put contact form and a subscribe option in my app. I would like to have a simple contact form where users can contact me through email directly from the app and most importantly for subscribe option, how can i store an email which users puts in input field so i can add them to my newsletter list. ( I already have a website so i just need to store their email when they click on the subscribe button )

Thank You

The button can open the user’s email client with a message and your email address. The user will send the email and you will get their sender’s address in your inbox.

Use Open URL from flow function market.
Test the link in your browser.

There are services that handle mailing lists with subscribe and unsubscribe.

Thank you for your answer. But i would really like to save some data when users click subscribe ( email, age, nickname, how did you hear about us?, etc. ). Is there a way to save data which users put in input fields?

How about “Google Forms”? Take the URL and install the function from the “OPEN WEB BROWSER” store, and so the URL opens a default page within the same application and the client will not see the URL when it does not have internet. (Note: It is an alternative, nothing more).