Container border isn't displayed in preview app and android devices

In the layout I’ve designed, containers have a thick black border (4px). Everything works fine in the app editor but in the preview app and on the android build I’ve created every container border disappears.
Am I missing some option to display the layout correctly or there is a bug ?

Thank you very much for your time and your availability

Hi, are you still having this issue? With this kind of setup I’m able to see the border also on Android preview:

Hello Mari, yes I’m still having this issue.
To better explain I’m gonna send you two screenshots (app editor and the actual app screen).
Thank you very much for your availability and your time!

Hi, this is probably due to that your components also use the drop shadow. This is a known bug and there should be a fix upcoming in the next release.

Got it!
Thank you very much Mari

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Hi @Mari ,
Any updates regarding this bug? I am having the same issue , the border is not displayed!

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This hasn’t been fixed yet.

I keep running into bugs like this and it’s really costing me a lot of time to first figure out what the problem is, then time to research it and eventually to land on a post like this and to find out that it is a bug and one that’s been diagnosed a while ago and not fixed yet. It turns out that having drop shadows with borders is actually really important for the UI of the app we are trying to build.

Seems like Android is not getting as much love from Appgyver Team as iOS.
Is there a ticket for this bug, so we can upvote it? @Mari