Container Function / Visible

I would like to add a container in the main page of my app

  • So the idea is…
    when a user doesn´t have completed his name, this container appears (because the container has a create name / user field - storaged in the firebase database ), but if he already has registered it, it does not appear anyomore.
    Any idea how can I add this kind of function?

I’m not good at English.

  • Create Unique ID ex) email
  • Save login information to “appvars”
  • For example, if the Firebase data name is “UserData1”,

If condition:

IS_EMPTY(FIND(data.UserData1, == appVars.Useremail).name)

Si hablas español
Gracias! Amigo ahora funciona perfecto!

Eu não falo espanhol.
Sou coreano.
Usei um tradutor.

De qualquer forma, felicitações.