Container left, right center align

Goodnight is there a way to left, right and center align multiple things in a container, the closest I’ve seen is the justify options, but that doesn’t align one to the right and one to the center like I want.
Does anyone know how I can align this logo to the center and the help button to the right?

click the individual component and In the end of the dimension and position option, there is an option called align self, you can choose what you want.

I could do this with paragraphs but not with an icon. e.g. I’ve 2 paragraphs and on icon within a container. How to align only the icon to right?

From what i understand you need something like this (ignore the image)

for the outer container do this

then everything comes in center and then you can set the container with the icon like this

Thank you very much, but when I do this I cant get them horizontally in line with one another only vertically, and when I select horizontal it doesn’t give the options to alight left right, or center, only up and down.

ohhh so you need everything in one line
you can use a row container and set each one in one cell and then play with the alignment.

Thank you so much for the help