Container Not Visible if Data is blank?

I have a field and the data source is from one of my tables linked by API.

I want to show my container and all the info when that field is not blank. If it is blank, I want the whole container and all the sub layers to not be visible.

Is this possible? Any direction is appreciated.

In container properties, under the advanced tab, there’s a visibility toggle. You can write a formula that returns true when you have data and false when there’s no data.

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Thanks! - Is there a list somewhere of all the function codes, like IS_EMPTY, RANDOM, etc? Took me a bit to realize ISBLANK wasn’t the thing I needed.

Just in case someone else has this question, here is the formula I used:

IF(IS_EMPTY(data.yourdatafield[“Your Field Name”]), false, true)

Well all of them are in the formula editor and you can also look them up in the documentation.

Your formula does the trick but has redundant logic as IS_EMPTY returns true or false already :wink:

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