Container / Page / Condition / View

 This is the Profile Page, iniside this page, I have 2 containers the first one is the complete profile container. This container has this visible condition (IS_EMPTY(FIND(data.Usuarios1, item.Owner == appVars.user_id).Owner))


 This is the second container inside the Profile Page (This contains name and post from the user). This container has the following visible condition (NOT(IS_EMPTY(FIND(data.Usuarios1, item.Owner == appVars.user_id).Owner))

  • Note: It doesn’t have any page mounted condition


 They are working and fulfilling the requirements but the problem is when I go back to the market and open the profile page, the container (Complete Profile) appears again for one or two seconds

Here´s a video about it

As you can watch in the video when you click in the profile icon it shows the complete profile container again just for a few seconds even if you already completed and this is kinda annoying, is there any way to fix it?

  • Basically, I think that I have to add a condition in the page mounted or another solution
    Any idea how to fix it?