Containers and Overflow scroll?

Maybe i dont understand how this works, but when I set a Container to “scroll” when Overflow, it does neither. Repeated items visibly appear outside the container and it doesn’t scroll. Is there something else that needs to be set to make that work? The only Overflow setting that does work is “hidden”, but that wont let me scroll to see the overflow items.

Hmm, I’ve never really used overflow settings myself, I’m not sure how it works and if “scroll” should work or be removed as a setting :thinking: If you want a Container to scroll, I would recommend using a ScrollView instead.

Not to revive an old thread, but I’d found that scroll views (the actual component) would not work at least in the Preview and Beta Preview for web. Since I can’t build the platform (yet) and test out whether they would work in the final result, I’m going off what I see in the previews.

However, I did find that a container with overflow set to scroll does work fine in Beta Preview but doesn’t affect anything in the regular Preview – so there’s some hope there. It might depend which platform you’re building for.

Hi! I’ve been using scroll view on preview-beta web without trouble, can you try again with 2.4.16? It should work there, and if not, there might either be something off in your settings, or there’s a bug we haven’t noticed :thinking:

Hey, Mevi, we did start using scroll views again and determined a possible solution to persisting issues which I commented on here: Vertical ScrollView in web app build

Also, now that Preview Beta seems to be more stable in the last few weeks, we use it full-time now and almost never use the “old” Preview anymore. I find that the beta renders more “true” to what the actual final web app will look and function like than the old version.