Containers not showing up, am I doing this wrong?

Started playing around with this awesome builder today. Happily adding containers, and then all of the sudden any new containers added just stopped showing up when previewing in browser or companion app. I can still see them in the builder.

Figured I must have messed something up bad. Deleted the app, created a new one and added some containers… none of them show up. Did I break AppGyver on my first day?

oooh… well that was most likely just me being daft. I figured the container actually had a default size, since it has a size on the page. But looks like they don’t have any size until you manually go in and set a value. Haha that was a bit misleading.

Yeah it’s a bit confusing, it was decided to give the containers some “false” default space on the canvas so they’d be clickable and so you could drag stuff inside there. You can give containers a fixed space on the styling menu though, if needed.

Thank you @Sasu_Makinen It makes perfect sense, thank you for clarifying.

I tried to make a container float above other containers and stay pinned to the bottom. I tried this by setting the container with;

style > dimension & position > position > bottom

But I was only able to find absolute and relative under advanced > position. I suppose I would need a fixed option. Perhaps this is not possible to achieve at this time? The reason for wanting the option is to create a custom navigation menu.

Yeah I’m not sure if it’s possible to achieve that with the tools we have at the moment. We are currently working on a new navigation editor that should cover most of the user cases and needs for navigation. Is there something specific you need that is not offered with the current tools?

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Currently this should work if you add all page content except the custom menu to a Scroll view and make check boxes Disable scroll and Stretch to the viewport height in page style advanced property section.

For the custom menu, you have found the correct the configuration places, but you have to add a number to style > dimension & position > position > bottom selection to tell how many pixels its from the bottom edge and make the selection active to begin with. So just add 0 after the bottom and your custom menu should be fixed to bottom of the screen. And to make it appear over other components on the page, give it some z-index (found also here style > dimension & position > position)

But as Sasu said, the upcoming navigation editor should cover most of this type of cases.


Thank you @Tomi_Laakso and @Sasu_Makinen that 0 is what I was missing indeed :slight_smile:

I was using it for a sub menu kind of thing. For the main menu I think I will hold out for the new navigation editor. Sounds very promising.