Contains function

Hi Guys

Seem like the “contains” formula only check the value for 1 item (R) and not two(R+r). I am using this to verify a field contains a R or r. It only works when I check for 1 item but not both. Although from the examples that describes the contains formula it seems you can check more than 1 item.

See screen shots below of configuration.

I use an if statement after I have persisted the data into an app.var

If you want to check with the same letter in both upper and lower case then use

CONTAINS(LOWERCASE(appVars.validations.itemprice), “r”)

Or for different letters use

CONTAINS(LOWERCASE(appVars.validations.itemprice), “r”) II CONTAINS(LOWERCASE(appVars.validations.itemprice), “s”)

Also you are looking for a string in a number. Is that intended?

Hi Prajwal.

Thanks for your help, this solved my problem.

For your question regarding looking for a string in a number, that is my intend.

Have a great day further and thanks for your prompt response.