Contributing to AppGyver

My name is vetrivel and I’m a passionate developer with keen interests in building developer tools. I have built an IDE and a code generator called ui-editor. You can have a look at it here GitHub - imvetri/ui-editor.

I’m writing to know how can I contribute or join your development team. Looking forward to hear more about it.

Thanks & Regards,

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@Vetrivel_Shanmugam Hey there, you can take a look here: Careers
Although, I have send them a message 6 weeks ago without an answer so I would not wait for their answer too long, haha.

@Jaroslav_Krajca I have tried reaching out to the email ID mentioned over there with multiple followups, I haven’t gotten any response.

:thinking: I let Harri know, the email on the web page definitely needs to be updated to his SAP one. Hopefully he’ll be able to get back to you soon!

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