Controling decimal placed on a formula

I have no experience with coding, but im stuck with a formula for medical equation where you enter the weight and it calculates how much drugs to give…
12kg gives me 1.2000000000002 which i need to only have 1 decimal place
this is the formula… pageVars.child*0.1

anybody got any help… i have tried round but i get that the formula requires an inversible formula

If i understand correct, think this will help you

I have tried that, but it wont work with my formula, keeps coming back as the formula is not inversible

Where are you doing the binding that an inversible formula is required? Could you instead bind it directly to a page variable and do the ROUNDing somewhere else?

@mevi anytime i use formular to convert a number to a decimals 18 decimal place…it usually shrinks to a scientific style with the letter" e " how do i stop this as i do not want it to be short i want the while value as is

I didn;t realize the ROUND function could be used this way since the description says “Returns the given number rounded to the nearest integer” so I thought it was only for integers (and, yes, I did not notice the extra parameter). Perhaps have more precise description.