Convert TXT to PDF using API in Appgyver

Does anyone know a good free API that converts txt files to PDF’s.

If you do, could you please show me how to integrate it with AppGyver?

I tried using ConvertToAPI TXT → PDF, but without success

I don’t understand what to put in the request body or headers.

Does anyone know what to do ?

The part of generating the text file I already managed, I just need to convert it now into PDF to download later.

usually you can create pdf from HTML or from url,
here are some options

to intergrade them, you can use http request

This part of finding some API is relatively easy, however, I need more than this understands.

In other words, I am not able to connect to this api, including the one you indicated to me.

I don’t know how to fill in the fields correctly

Could you show the correct places that I should fill?


I’ve used with some success; however, I did not connect this API directly to Appgyver. I established an API connection with Xano (the backend that I’m using). Xano stores the data that is needed for the pdfs and then uses Pdf Generator API as a third-party API, which returns the pdf to the database alongside the original data. Xano has excellent documentation on establishing this connection. This PDF generator is only free for 3 months and then you will be required to pay for it to continue using. I hope this helps.