Converting AppGyver Web Build into Mobile app [Cordova]

@Daniel_Perley1 I’ve seen you posting several times about converting your appgyver web app into a fully functional mobile app using Cordova.

I did a bit of digging and realized that it is impossible since Appgyver doesn’t export web builds as React JS but rather as a web app using React Native tech.

However, Its posible to do this using web view. But that’s about it. Not much can be done.

Is this tutorial any relevant?

I did it with capacitor. It can be done with Cordova as well. The web builds are just next apps.

At this point I’m not sure if you are just bluffing :joy:

I’ve seen you drop many negative comments about appgyver in this forums. So, I can’t help but wonder if what you claim is actually possible.

As far as I know, it is not even possible to use apppgyver web builds with ionic/cordova/capacitor like you claim since Appgyver does’t parse as React JS, but rather as apps that use React Native Technology (there is a difference)

I don’t even find a single tutorial online that shows how to convert an appgyver web build to mobile using these frameworks.
So, I guess, It’s probably conmanship. Please stop using such knavish tricks on this growing community.

I challenge you to show us how it is done, and I’ll apologise to you here :slight_smile:


@Daniel_Perley1 just a tag…

Below you will see an appgyver web build running as a native app in android studio using capacitor.

This tells you how to do it: Installing Capacitor | Capacitor Documentation

When I get the time I will try to explain more, I am just very busy right now.

You can see its a web build here:

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Everyone is, my dear Dany boy. Yet some of us take the time to contribute daily to the community positively.
You were somehow not that busy when you inundated the forum (instead of the bug tracker) with your complains and your bragging.
Time to hold to your words. Share some love please :pray:


What other apps are you on? I don’t like how this one is indexed.


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