Coordinates of a tap in a container or page

Is it possible to get the coordinates (x,y) of a tap? Either relative to the container or the page that was tapped would work.

Thank you in advance for your insight or suggestions.


As of now, there is no way to get the the tap coordinates, but depending on the reason you need it, there might be another way to do it, like

there is a special component to get the tap coordinates in an image

Marker map container

( but it currently has a bag and doesnt display the image)

And you could also have many small containers and know what container was taped, but all this depends on the feature you need it for

Thanks for the information. I am not sure what " but it currently has a bag and doesn’t display the image" means but I’ll try it out to see.

I am building a citizen science application where users can tap a location on an image to report a strange looking object. So, yes, I need the tap location on an image. And since I don’t know where the user will be tapping, it’s a bit inconvenient to completely cover the image with small containers.

Thanks again for taking the time to answer, @Dimos_Vamvourellis

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After hearing your idea, i think waiting for the marker map container to be fixed is a better option, because that component is used for that exact reason.

Got it – I’ll wait for the next version. Thanks again, @Dimos_Vamvourellis.

As a workaround, what about putting the buggy component over the top (higher z index) of a visible image in matching containers?

No idea if it would work. You might need to play with the opacity of the top container.

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actually, the component doesnt work at all so its not possible

Oh dear. A shame.

I wonder when they chose the name Appgyver if they then decided on a strategy of half finishing things so that anyone successfully delivering needs to have a McGyver attitude :slight_smile: