Copy a page possible?

Is there an option to copy a page?
Since there is no logic put in place yet.
I’d like to replicate a page that I need 6 times, with small adjustments per page.
Is this on the backlog somewhere in the future? Or all ready in place somewhere?

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Copying a page isn’t possible at the moment and I cannot say if it’ll be possible in future or not.

But… You can drag your entire page content to a single Container and copy that Container to the six pages you want. (It would copy also the logic within all components, but you’d need to define Page/Data variables for each page separately.)

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Getting ready to copy a page with a lot of stuff on it… looks sideways at his 18 data variables and 37 page variables, 8 of which are complex objects-in-objects

Yeah I would like to cast five votes for any kind of copying please – pages, variables, whatever, I’ll take it :face_with_thermometer:

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Yep :smile: I understand and agree that it would be a very useful feature. You can vote it here:

How do you copy a container to another page?


You can just copy the container like you copy a text and paste it again.

On a mac you can use the buttons “cmd + c” to copy the container and to paste it again its “cmd + v”