Copy or duplicate an app?

What is the best way to copy or duplicate an app so an existing app can be used as the basis for a new app?


There’s no user-side functionality for this yet, but if you create a target app and tell us the source ID, we can do this manually for now!

Note that the target app will be completely replaced by the clone and there’s a few missing things like copying over AppGyver Cloud Storage configs, but it should still help a lot.

You can reply here with the source and target app IDs (we’ll make sure you own both :stuck_out_tongue: ) or drop a mail to!


That making a copy/duplicate app is a feature that is in the works, and that there is a manual way to do it now is a good answer - thanks! I do not have a need to do that now, but I am starting a project in which I know that will be needed, and I probably would not have started with it here if it could not be done. I will let you know when I come to the point of needing an app copy/duplicate if the feature has not already made its way into the UI by then.

Thanks again!


Can you clone the Movie App that I built from the tutorial ? The movie app is in my account. You can call it “movie2” or something.

Thank you


@George_Pillari if you can create the target app yourself, and share the IDs for both the target app and source app here (the ID is in the address bar of your web browser), that’d speed things up for us! And again, the target app will be completely replaced by the code, so make sure it’s a fresh one. :slight_smile:

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Change of pace for you: Question on registration/login. I set up the auth page and can create and administer users. My questions:

  1. When a user downloads my app from the App Store, how does user “register” or “create an account?” Once user has an account, I understand the auth process.

  2. Once user is logged in, how do I only allow user access to his data? I am using the AirTable API. Is there a session id, token, or something that gets passed along?

If there are examples and/or documentation, please point me and I will do the research.

Thank you for all of the help.


OK, have most of my questions answered so far. Remaining two questions for you:

1.When a user downloads my app from the App Store, how does user “register” or “create an account?” Once user has an account, I understand the auth process and the tokens.

  1. My app requires the user to input dates/times with each record. Starting Date (mmddyyyy hh:mm am/pm) and Ending Date. I could not find anything to help with this. I did learn how to format dates/times for display, but not how to create the input field.

Thank you

For adding dates, you want to store the data in some machine-compatible format; typically in modern apps that is ISO 8601, that is 2020-04-27T08:15:06.487Z.

To select a date, you can use the Pick datetime function, and save the output to your data.MyRecord.startDatetime field. You can then use the FORMAT_DATETIME_LOCAL function to display it in your UI.

For web, you need the web datepicker component, which I hope to get out this week.

For AppGyver User Authentication, there currently unfortunately isn’t a packaged feature for users to create accounts on their own. There is an API we can manually set up if that’s the final thing blocking you from releasing your app, but it’s a bit limited, e.g. there’s no forget password functionality.

Thus, for robust functionality, you’d want your own backend for user management. We do plan to improve the basic functionalities for the free tier backend services at some point, but that’s still some time away.

@Jerome_Brossard, a feature request has been made for this on the AppGyver Tracker (click here).

So if you could please be kind enough to give it an upvote just to indicate that more users are interested in this feature of app duplication, albeit it’s in “the works.”

Thanks again!

Oh excellent, thank you! Dropped you a note by email.

Hey @Harri_Sarsa,

I’ve dropped you an email, would you mind doing the same for me when you get a chance.


Replied to this already earlier, waiting for you to get back to a question!

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Would it be possible to clone:


Into what I hope is the blank app in my account:


Many thanks,


I found this feature now in the project tile. :grinning:


Is the process same for migration (source and target IDs to be mailed to contact email ID) if the project is hosted in AppGyver on SAP BTP platform?

Raj Pawan Gumdal

The function is disponible online.