Copy page mount logic

I have a master container in my page which I’m trying to copy in another page which I created for the test environment. Everything is copied perfectly, except the page mount logic. Is there any way this can be copied?

Same reply as on the Slack, just CMD C CMD V the logic flow. :slight_smile: Although if you are using any output values, you have to set them manually after copying.

Do you need to copy one at a time or select all and copy?

You can select them all :slight_smile:

Not working out for me mate. Screenshot.

As suggested in the error message, you cannot copy input/output nodes, these have to be done manually on the copied page. In the other words, you can copy only the blue nodes. :slight_smile:

Finally I was successful but one at a time. Could not select multiple components. Anyway thanks a ton.

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If you move the non-event nodes so that they are all separated with a clear vertical gap between them and the Event nodes, you can lasso them all and do CTL-C or CMD-C

Be sure to reduce the size of everything (Lower right of node canvas) so they all can be seen at once

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Tried - finally got it. Tx for your clear explanation.

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