Copying and storing the content of an image component

I’m making an Android app that displays still frames from a webcam feed in an image component. I’d like to occasionally copy the content of the current frame for further processing, such as storing in a variable or array, or saving to a file. By content of the image I mean the actual bitmap displayed in the component, possibly without redownloading it from the source URL.

How can I copy the image content for further processing?

Good question! You can try the Capture screenshot component, which should grab the image as its rendered on the canvas.

Alternatively, you could just trigger a separate Download file function call to the same URL, even if it is a bit redundant as its already on the device.

Finally, you could see if e.g. Resize/compress image would accept the remote URL as a parameter – not sure about that.

But definitely a Create local copy of image flow that takes a target image component and returns its contents as a new file would be in place!

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