CORS error when fetching RestAPI

Hi guys,

Starting my journey with AppGyver.

Going through and doing the Composer tutorials, and getting stuck at the RestAPI tutorial about obtaining the Countries API -

This is the video I am following - AppGyver - Composer Pro

I am getting this CORS error, and after reading substantially on this error, I have tried to add HTTP headers but have failed to get anywhere.

Any help would be much appreciated.



This is actually not necessarily a CORS error, but it can be a CORS error.

I’m worried since your screenshot shows undefined in the name of the resource and its path.

However, I think is not available anymore :frowning: we need to update our tutorials to use some other API. In the meanwhile, you could try instead

Hi Mavi

Firstly thank you for bringing me your help.
I have good and bad news:

Finally the API call response was OK, so i was able to set the schema. But when I tried to configure the data into the new variable created (select repeat data property) that data schema dosen´t shows a countries NAME list field, just currencies (actualy the diferent “NAME” fields you can find in it are for currencies: USD, EUR etc). this API differs a lot from the one showed in the tutorial, and the following tutorials requires this countries list to complete them, so I´m stucked again. Also I´m wondering why when I try to use web resources API´s the get collection tester allways show me fail to fetch or a different error, is there a special place from where we can take API´s being sure they are going to work well with this plattform?

Again thank you for your support
I hope we can solve this issue because I´m really motivated learning from this platform.

Best regards,

Hi, try to setup your repeat data property like :

Снимок экрана 2021-11-17 в 15.35.36

Worked nicely for me.