CORS problem with Firestore REST API

I noticed this has been asked earlier, but I couldn´t find a solution from the answers.
I have a problem updating data in Firestore db using REST API calls in Appgyver Composer. GET and POST are working fine, but when trying to update (PUT) data I get always error like this: “Error: TypeError: Failed to fetch. Does the server allow CORS?status: undefined”.

Could anyone please help how to get this working?

Hi! The CORS suggestion is the default to check if something is wrong with your setup. However if GET and POST are working, I don’t think PUT should have trouble…

I’m not familiar with the requirements of Firestore API in regards to how you need to format your data to succeed in a PUT request, but that would be my first guess, that you might need to somehow mutate the Object using a formula or something to get it into the right format. Check from the Firestore REST API what it requires, or perhaps someone with more knowledge about Firestore specifically can help you more :grimacing: