(cost)free open source database backend for AppGyver

I just started an IoT project and would like to use AppGyver. I am using Postgres+Timescale as backend and was looking for a way to connect AppGyver.

At the moment I am using this stack:

  1. AWS EC2 t2.micro (free) instance running Ubuntu 20.04
  2. Postgres as database
  3. PostgREST as restful database API https://postgrest.org/
  4. Caddy as reverse proxy to connect to the AppGyver Apps https://caddyserver.com/ and to get valid https certificates
  5. https://www.noip.com/ as free DYNDNS service

The Read-part of CRUD is already working :slight_smile:
Is anybody using this stack? I am very interested in the exchange of ideas and experience…

Best regards,

That article implies that there already is a new enterprise subscription plan at 10 euros per dev per month. Perhaps I’m reading it wrong? Or do they mean there an Appgyver subscription plan for SAP users?

“As mentioned, the enterprise version not only costs just 10€ per developer per month now — which is a fraction of the original price — but it also has new features that were not part of the original product license.”

It looks like that paid monthly enterprise plan is for existing SAP users. And its US$11 per user and not per developer, as the article implied. That’s pricey, when they start charging per user. But I guess its no different to what Microsoft does with PowerApps.

It sounds like there are some extra features in the enterprise edition, most of it probably has to do with internal SAP integrations.