Could not access my Appgyver account since this morning, no email sent to me after rest the password, but I still see the preview of my app from mobile, please help!


This morning I got an error message when running Preview. I looked up the error message from internet and people suggest to clean the chrome cache. I did. Then, when I try to go back Appgyver. It returns the “login fail” message. I tried several times without success. Then, I press the “forgot password”, but I did not get any email back. Tried many times and nothing works. It seems my email is completely disappeared from Appgyver’s user database?!! Since there is no way to reach you without an account, I used the SAME email address to open a new account and post my problem here! (This probably means my email somehow really is disappeared from your database?!) Can someone help me to reset my account?

Pei Shao

Strangely, a “preview” opened in one of my mobile is still existing with my name “Pei Shao.” But, I can no longer access the Composer Pro.

Hi! Are you still having issues with this? I asked and your account does still exist, so nothing has been lost at least. We have had some trouble with our emails lately but you should be able to get the reset password email. Check you have typed your email correctly and that the reset password email has not ended up in spam :slight_smile:

Hi @Mevi

Same problem with my access to the Composer under my initial account -
I’ve created another account to be able to write here in the forum about same issue.

I also tried to restore the password the same way as @Pei_Shao1 did. Nothing arrived to my gmail. Checked messages in SPAM - again nothing. At the same time I’m still receiving marketing materials from Appgyver, meaning that my email is in your database.

Would you please help with my access to the Composer under account, as my project is about to launch soon. I just need to receive email with a link to restore my password. Thank you in advance for your kind support on this!

Kind regards,
Tatiana Krainova