Could not render Embedded map view (beta) at all

I’m new user of AppGyver who try to create some project which need to got current GeoLocation with Map displayed but could not complete Map displaying using “could not render Embedded map view (beta)” at all as per below detail. Please advise

  1. Error message was display when try to preview a page after I just add “Embedded map view (beta)” to it.

  1. Try to input values on “Markers to render” would cause of application crash and could not preview it on my Android phone at all.

  2. Map render nothing when remove “Markers to render” and provide Lat-Long to “Initial map region”.

The Map view component unfortunately currently bugs out when added to the canvas directly – you can find the Embedded map view example page via the Marketplace that shows correct configuration (you can find it directly by pasting RpwyoNUHlL0xs1dEORpwcQ into the marketplace search).

Let me know if that helps!

Thank you.

Following an example, I now able to display a map but could not set a marker on running time. (try to config a flow to set Page Variable but nothing were changed)

What happens if you unmount/remount the map view after setting the marker data by changing the Visible property to false and back to true again by e.g. a bound page variable? Could be an issue with the beta map.

There are no option found for set Visible value on my Bound Page Variable (see attached picture).

Also by AppGyver is code-less model so I see no other ways to set Visible value programmatically on run-time.

Please advise.

NOTE: Hard-code by set Lat/Long values to mapMarkers variable on design time would working fine but that is not what we need.

I tested this Harri by changing the visible property but the map loads first time without the data and doesn’t refresh.
See related issue - Bravo, thank you, and a Map question

Noticed that the page layout must have “Stretch viewport to height” checked on for the map to show.

On my case, “Stretch to the viewport height” was checked.

(copy paste from the related forum issue posted above)

the map component doesn’t respect visibility property. Also you cannot programatically move the map around after its mounted. Unfortunately couldn’t figure out any reasonable hack around this in composer so needs some development to get this fixed :frowning: .

In the meantime I’d suggest you to figure out the initial coordinates and markers before opening the map page and passing them as page parameters (remember that you need to turn them into numbers when put on map component as params are always strings).

Also setting minimum height/width fixes the map not showing. So actually no need to stretch to the viewport.