Could we start an intern pre-publish beta app tester group?

For example, if anybody needs to see what their app looks like on an old shorter screen, I have an Android 8 moto which I bought a few of because they have something the newer phones do not have, the android apk decompiling capabilities and terminal access with no root. But most people have taller screens, but maybe in other countries they still have older phones. Instead of paying for test devices or virtual devices, we could start a group or a separate app or maybe add it to appgyver-hub where we indicate whether we will beta test another devs app in exchange for a beta test of our own. We could list out device model and Android release and help each other by beta testing and giving feedback to help perfect for multiple devices and first-hand user experience. We could also learn while doing this. :pray:


Good idea. It would force us to do some good documentation so other people know how to use an app and what to test.