Count days excluding weekends


I’m using pickdatetime and DATETIME_DIFFERENCE function to count days between 2 dates and it works fine.

However, I would like to exclude weekends from this sum.

I couldn’t find any function that has this option. Can anybody help me ?

Thanks in Advance

A formula would bridge the gap if its not built into the function.

For any multiple of 7 simply delete 2, for anything else, look at the difference and the start or end date. It will take 6 nested IF statements I think, but easy enough, just a bit bulky.

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I have created a component called “CalculateWorkDays” in appGyver marketplace to caculate a number working days between two dates. The share token is nV4WMGu4vhxZP7DAZSCi4g. It is based on the solution provided by OscarGarcia in the stackoverflow post jquery - Calculate working days between two dates in Javascript excepts holidays - Stack Overflow

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Thanks for your replies, guys!

Onno_Bos this component works perfectly! Thanks, friend!

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