Count same items in db

I am trying to count how many times I have the same item in a column in my db and display it in a card.
In this case I want to count how many I have of Type “A350” but I cant get it to work.
I tried different formulars like this one:


Hi, the correct formula would be:

COUNT(SELECT(data.NameDB1, item.Type === "A350")))

Inside the SELECT formula you refer to the object as item, check out the documentation for examples.

The number is still not counted (or displayed).
I was unsure about the item-part because when writing “item” there is no autosuggestion like when you start writing “data.Na…”
The three === I guess is because it is strict equal like javascript

I tried your suggestion but my card is still not showing anything.



Hi, based on the yellow warning you are getting it looks like your data variable might not be a list of objects? Here I’m doing the same with a list:


Oh I found the problem… NameDB1 was a data variable for making a new record. it did not contain the data in my db and was not a list.
I made a new data variable NameDB2 and then the formular works :slight_smile:

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