Countdown time display

Hello, I have made a timer that works but I can’t get it to show the countdown. I imagine it’s something very simple but I’ve been searching the forum and there are several posts but I don’t see any with the solution I’m looking for.


How do you have your timer set up? And in what way don’t the other posts fit your use case?

I have something as simple as this. I know I’m missing some formula but I’ve tried many and I don’t know what it is.

Could you show the formulas you have tried?

What do you actually want to happen on the screen?

A count down from 5…4…3…2…1 ?

Assigning variables to components on the screen is really well covered in the onboarding videos.

Perhaps run through them again, doing everything they say.

In simple terms, you need to create a variable (page or app), tie it to a text component, Then on your flow, have a 1 sec delay, then a formula to decrease the variable by 1, then loop back again.

AppGyver is not an entry level product. It may be best to reconsider why you are trying to build your app in AppGyver? Its is amazingly flexible and allows great freedom, but these things come with a complexity that takes a while to master.