Crashing upon startup of ios preview app

Hi there, been having issues with the ios preview app. I downloaded both the appgyver preview app and legend one (don’t really know the difference).
As soon as I click on the app I’m making, it loads a blank screen for a second and the preview app crashes. Won’t load anything.

Please assist ASAP. Thank you, Haylen

Hi! Check that you have downloaded the SAP AppGyver Preview app. Also check out your app in the browser (from Launch > Open app preview portal). If it works in the browser, that’s a good sign :slight_smile:

Hi Mevi, thanks for your reply. Yes I have downloaded the correct app and I linkEd with QR code and then pick my app and it goes to open and it exits out of the preview app entirely.
It does work on the browser and that’s the only way I’ve been able to preview. I need to be able to view in the preview app so I can see properly.
Please assist, thank you.

Sorry for the delay in answering – Hmm, that sounds like a crash then. I would recommend checking what logic runs in the beginning of your app (do you have auth? Etc) and using the debugger to check with what error your app crashes.