Create a hide and appear function with toggle list item

Good morning,

I currently do not have experience coding and I would like to create a simple application to help my workers with a treatment algorithm.

I would like to to use the Toggle List Function and when it is toggled on/off, (true/false), to make a Button or Text show or hide.

My objective is to create several Toggle lists so depending on the on/off combinations it will trigger a button with a specific description or text to appear.

Thank you!

Hi, you could create true/false type page variables to bind to each of the toggles.

Then for the component visibilities you can use formulas with && (AND), || (OR) and ! (NOT) logic operators:

condition1 || condition2 || condition3true if any one of the conditions is true

condition1 && condition2true if both are true

!condition1 && !condition2 && condition3true if conditions 1 and 2 are false and condition 3 is true

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Thank you so much Mari!!! I will try that!

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Good afternoon. I tried, but it is not hiding or showing the button. I am sure I am doing something wrong. I am attaching some screen shots. Thank you!

Hi, you need to bind still the toggle values to the variables so that they control the variable values.


I was able to make a button appear if the following conditions were met:
condition1 & condition2 & condition3 (Proceed with treatment button would appear)
condition1 || condition2 || condition3 (Do not treat)

I am having some difficulty creating a third button called, (Wait 2 more days), if 1 or 2 conditions out of the 3 are met.
I would like for this button to appear if 1 or 2 conditions are true of the 3 conditions.

Thank you again for your assistance!!

Hi, you can approach this by picking out the cases that do not satisfy the requirement – the clause

NOT(all are true) && NOT(all are false)

will give you the cases where 1 or 2 are true.

So as a formula !(condition1 && condition2 && condition3) && !(!condition1 && !condition2 && !condition3).

Would this give you the right result?

Thank you Mari!!! It worked!!!

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