Create a SQL database that is no code

Create a no code SQL database. It would be best to create a no code version of PostgreSQL because it’s 100% open source, powerful & flexible. I can’t use Xano because the price isn’t practical for building a portfolio of apps or free apps with ads. NoSQL with platforms like Firebase won’t work for the complex apps I want to develop where everything is connected such as social networks, ad system, multi-level affiliate program & more relational projects.


We do have a backend solution coming, but those are for enterprise users and will have costs attached to them I’m afraid.

Have you tried Backendless? Some users were using their backends, not sure about pricing systems, but I understand they are more low code / no code oriented.


I didn’t use Backendless because I got 0 support when I reached out. What will the enterprise prices be?

Unfortunately I’m not at liberty to discuss pricing etc information before it is officially released. But as far as I understand, it’s meant for enterprises mainly.

That must mean it will be pretty pricey