Create an email using device email app


Is it possible to create an email using the mail app on the device?

e.g. with the appgyver webapp or installed app provide a button that when tapped will take an email address variable (for the email recipient) and some subject and body text then pass that to the device default email app and create an email ready for the user to send (from their default email account)?



You can use the Open URL node with mailto://, e.g.

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Thanks, I was hoping it was that simple :slight_smile:

Thanks @Harri_Sarsa

is there an equivalent to make phone calls using phone numbers in the app?

Is there a way to pass the contents of variables to the email app?

Yep! Use a formula in the Open URL to construct the url to open and add the variables you want to use at the spots you want to use them.

Thanks. Yes. It works great. The key is that everything has to be in the formula.

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