Create and Update User Profile with Client Side Storage


I try to create an app with a user profile. The user should be able to input and update his name, mail and mobile phone. This information should be stored on client side (later cloud storage).

I learned how to create multiple records with unique IDs through tutorials (Todo Tutorial). But this problem is a bit different as I want to create just one record/object for the user and change it. And not multiple records as for the todo list.

I played around with data variable type (collection of records, single data record, new record) and also with a static ID for records instead of generating unique IDs. But this did not work out.

I also tried with IF functions to see check if a record exists and create new or update a record (see picture)

What am I missing? Is there a post/tutorial I can learn from?

Any help is much appreciated!!!

As long as your client side resource has an id key, that should work. So, you could do a logic where you first use Update record to update a record with ID e.g. currentUser. Then, you can add a Create record node in the first node’s error output and loop that back to Update record – so if updating currentUser record fails, we create that record and try updating it again. You could then even package this to your own Create/update current user flow function.

Does that help?

Hi Harri,

thanks for the quick response. Yes, issue solved. I used the loop with update record first and a static ID, which allows just one record in the database.

Moving on to understanding REST API integration.

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