Create collection in firebase

Hi i was wondering, if its possible to create collections with appgyver rest api to firebase, just like you can create new documents.
Does anybody know if this is possible.

Hi Dimos,
yes, by creating a document with rest api (POST) to a new path in your firebase database. Firebase will create the collection on the fly, if it doesn’t allready exist.

Thank you so much for your help i managed to make it work but one problem still remains, i dont know with what i should replace the xxxxxxxx in the relative path, in order to place the document id, as a virable (userid)
i tried like this but it doestnt work {userid} OR documentId={userId}

and just to clarify, the followedid?documentId={followedid} is the only thing created, this part /projects/onsale-a624b/databases/(default)/documents/follow/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/, already exists and we just want to choose (where to create the new document) between different document ids
Thank you in advance.

actually it works like this {userid} but when tested at first we were giving wrong followedid and thats why it didnt work