Create custom list box

I am trying to figure out how to create a custom list. The current lists available don’t suit my needs for the data I am pulling in for formatting purposes. I want to basically create a custom container that is basically a table, but no grid lines. I want each square to display a data variable from the api i am pulling in, and repeat all as such. for example, top left square to display data item 1, square two to display data item 2, and so forth. Is there a way to make this? I see some of the lists you can install show a bold header, a smaller item under, and a label to the right, etc. I am looking to basically create something similar, but with much more data to put in each full container. I have no idea if this even makes sense as I write this, haha.

Content List Cell
This is what I am trying to accomplish.

Hi! Of course you can do something like this. You can drag a container, style it, add texts inside (and probably you need more containers to align the texts correctly). If this seems confusing or hard, please go through our tutorials on components to start with – you could also check out some more complex component videos like this one for example.