Create defined records

Create defined records
I need to create a defined amount of records.
*The storage will be on the device itself (internal storage).
I need to create a defined amount of records. Composed by name and age, the number of records will be defined by an inputfield.
When the user enters the name, age and the number of times it will be created, the record is created this number of times in the database.

Name: David
Age: 29
Number of records: 2




Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this, I’m a noob, so this description has to be detailed!

Just by asking so the community can help you:

Is the logging database (which you are creating) to connect to a database using Rest Api?

(what I mean is connected for example to Airtable, Baserow, Supabase, Xano, Postman, Firebase, PocketBase, etc.).

Some more information must be provided, because the configuration of this database is worked very differently in each one for your App created with AppGyver, so, when the community sees your comment and knows with which database you want to create your record, then it would be easier for the community to be able to help you by being familiar with the subject.

Or you can also create database hosted on customer storage, but what I see, is that you may need to access customer data and view it from a database, either in the cloud or from a server.

Hi Diagonal_Movil!
Thanks for the feedback!
This information was really missing. The storage will be the device itself, internal storage.
I’m developing a financial control app and I need to make recurring entries (postings in installments, monthly entries…)

Hello @ Davi_de_Oliveira_Sou. Greetings: While someone is reading your comment, in these links:

In the search part, you can put keywords related to the topic of your interest. It should be noted that in the community you will see many examples and answers about the creation of registration, and you by collecting all those ideas you can develop your desired app.