Create Directory Android 10 permission issues


It seems that there is permission issues with the Create Directory flow function on Android 10.

Tested on multiple Android 10 phones and get Unknown error with no request for permissions. On a phone with Android 9 I get popup requesting permissions and Directories is created

Any ideas on how I can resolve the issue?

When I use systemVars.fileSystem.directories.document + ‘/Agricore’ as new Directory Path I no longer get Unknown error but the directory is still not being created. When I try to move a file to the Directory I still get an Unknown Error.

Work fine on Android 9. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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So anyone else having permission issues with Create Directory the Android 10 or am I the only one?

Noticed some bugs / issues in other components as well.

  1. As soon as I activate Take Photo Flow with Navigation Menus disabled it takes you back to your home screen. With Navigation menus enabled it stays on the screen it was called from.
  2. No way that I can disable navigation menus per platform? ie. no navigation menu for web app.
  3. I don’t see an obvious way to change the color of the icon of the active page in the Navigation Menu.

I’m new appgyver and mobile development. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi, we found the bug with Create directory on Android 10 and it’s on our backlog now. We’ll publish an update for the Flow function once a fix is available.

About the other issues:

  1. I’ll check this
  2. Not at the moment. But we’re developing an advanced navigation editor which will take care of this. It’ll be published after the major update to runtime which is currently in beta. I can’t promise a timetable for this, but likely it’ll be available at least before the end of this year. Currently one way you might be able to circumvent this issue could be that you’d enable and disable navigation menus depending on which platform you’re about to build (though this might be a hassle and I haven’t tested how easy this would be)
  3. Nav bar icon colors follow theme variables. You can change those from theme tab

Thank you for the feedback.

Appreciate it.