Create my own DB MySQL

Hi, First of all thanks for your great job! AppGyver is amazing.
I would like to know how can I connect my DB MySQL to AppGyver. When you want to add a New Data Resource you can choose between the options Add client-storage, REST API, AppGyver Cloud … Which is the option to add my own DB from MySQL?
Thanks you!!!

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Hi, I use directus which is connected to a mysql database. Directus autogenerates the apis you can use in appgyver. I dont know if its possible to use it over an existing database, but I am sure this could be a way forward.

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I also want to connect to maria db easily and add update view records, export etc.

Thanks Jerver for your support. What I really need to use is a connector between my own data base on MySQL. All my date are there. I´ve seen but you have to pay and I´m looking for a free Data Base, like mine. Thank you any way!


Hi, Silvia. Do you found any solution for your question?
I’m new in the platform and I have same problem.

Hi Jerver
I too would like to connect appgyver to mysql. I have explored many options, but I like the sound of directus. which is free if you host a copy of it youself. I am interested to know which hosting site you used an which site had the mysql that you used.

Hello, Is there now a good working solution or sample for the mysql ?


Has anyone managed to connect to MySql?

Hey Guys!

Remembering that AppGyver connects to any database using API as middleware.
Stay tuned.

MySQL e PostgreSQL now provide endpoints natively. Install the feature and enjoy.

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Alguém conseguiu fazer conexão com mysql ?

Alguien logró conectarse a MySql?

Olá, por gentileza nos dê detalhes sobre as possibilidades.
E se dá para conectar com appgyver sem mexer com código…

Instala o NOCODB no heroku

I have been using Nocodb as api for MySQL.
I put it on Heroku and I’m very satisfied.

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