'Create record' and 'Update record' flow function is not working

I am trying to insert data to HANA Cloud using “create record” flow function from AppGyver. I create Odata service and added it as data resource in AppGyver. It works fine when in the configuration test, there is no problem to create, update and delete record. But only delete function can work on SAP AppGyver Preview app, while the create and update can not work.

Kindly provide a solution.
thanks in advance!


I suspect some of your fields are of number type, but since they are in input fields they get converted into text. In your “Create Record”, wrap those properties into a NUMBER formula, and they should start working :slight_smile:

Hi Mevi, thank you for reply. I tried the NUMBER formula and it works!
Hope this kind of ‘bug’ can be fixed soon. Anyway thank you so much!